The brave front episode 7 - pete white and ptsd
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The link between PTSD and creativity: The Brave Front Ep. 7

You may have guessed, by the very fact that I post the occasional blog, that writing is something I have always enjoyed. It has earned me a living over the years and has helped me through some tough times too. So, the fact that writing and other forms of creativity are helping many to manage their PTSD, comes as no surprise to me.

I was therefore delighted to speak to Pete White, an ex-RAF communications engineer, about the journey he has had with PTSD and the outlet he has found in writing for children, on the latest episode of The Brave Front.

Pete witnessed unspeakable horrors while serving in Afghanistan which, in the years since, saw him diagnosed with psychosis and driven to the brink of suicide. Still living with PTSD today, he has been inspired by his young son to write a series of books discussing complex emotions and helping children to understand how they and others are feeling.

In our wide ranging conversation, which you can listen to now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and wherever you usually get your podcasts, Pete recalls his time in the military, the years of struggle he had with his mental health and an inspired night of writing that saw him pen seven books in one sitting.

Pete also gave us a copy of his first book, The Anxious Knight, to give away. Just subscribe to the podcast and listen to Episode 7 for all the details you need to enter the free draw.

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