Welcome to Midlife On Earth
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Welcome to Midlife On Earth

This is a blog about midlife, written by me, a 40-something man who is fully embracing the comfy trousers, early nights and outdated opinions that come with this enlightening time of life.

I can no longer call myself a young man. I have grey hair, my back aches continually, my children are old enough to insult me on a daily basis and Spotify’s algorithm has curated all my favourite music into an album it has chosen to call; ‘Old School.’

Indeed, according to Google, I am now comfortably into my midlife, which apparently began when I turned 40 and will end some time in my early 60s, when I presumably graduate to old age. But what is midlife all about? Am I going to buy a Ferrari, take up golf, run off with a woman half my age and get a tattoo? Possibly, apart from the fact that I’m happily married, too cowardly to get a tattoo and can’t see how I’d fit a six-man tent into an F8 Spider.

According to the Healthline website, though, there’s nothing good about the years ahead. It cheerfully states that I can look forward to:

  • declining happiness and life satisfaction
  • aimlessness or a loss of life purpose
  • self-doubt
  • frustration with changing life roles and responsibilities
  • boredom and dissatisfaction with your relationship, career, or life in general
  • concerns about your appearance and how others perceive you
  • thoughts about death, the meaning of life, and other existential concepts
  • changes in energy levels, from increased restlessness to unusual fatigue
  • less motivation or interest in pursuing goals and activities you used to enjoy
  • mood changes, including anger, irritability, and sadness
  • changes in sexual desire

So, happy days!

However, surely it can’t all be bad. Unless they’re collectively putting on the mother of all acts, my friends and peers aren’t continually moping around, moodily contemplating their existence and buying Viagra by the truck load.

I think it’s time to take a closer look; to shine a realistic, first-hand spotlight on midlife for men and to either dispel or confirm a few of these misconceptions. Which is why I’ve decided to start this blog.

Sir David Attenbrough’s landmark television series, Life On Earth, famously shone a spotlight on man’s relationship with gorillas. So, over the coming weeks, months – and maybe even years – Midlife on Earth will nestle down with the lycra-clad, balding and overweight silverbacks of middle-age, to find out what really gets them – slowly, and with considerable difficulty- out of bed in the morning.

So, welcome. Please come with me on the journey, contribute to the adventure, be a part of the experience and take pride in the fact that you are now, officially, out of touch.

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