June round-up
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June Round-Up

It was the hottest June on record apparently and between slapping on the sunscreen and jumping in the paddling pool, we’ve covered a broad mix of subjects here on Midlife On Earth.

We took a depressing look in the bathroom mirror and debated whether children actually can turn your hair grey.

We took two first-time mega concert goers to a Coldplay gig and learned enough lessons to offer parents a few tips if they’re planning anything similar with their children.

We looked at the prostate cancer risks affecting men in their 40s and discussed why knowledge is power when it comes to defeating the most common male cancer in the UK.

We shared some tips and reasons why all runners should consider joining a running club.

And, finally, we looked at the benefits of active travel in terms of personal and planetary health, as part of the Climate Change Collective.

Also catching our eye this month…

Elsewhere, here are a few of the articles, interviews, podcasts and things that caught our eye over the month of June:


10 Home Improvements You Can Get Grants For: DIY Daddy
Great idea for a post and fascinating to see how many home improvement projects you can actually get a helping hand for. At a time when everything is costing more, this is exactly what many of us should be taking advantage of. So take a look if you’re planning replacing your boiler, thinking about solar panels or any of the other funding opportunities on offer to home owners.


Free Achilles Tendinopathy Masterclass: running-physio.com
As someone who has suffered from Achilles tendinopathy in the past, I know just how incredibly frustrating it can be. So this free video masterclass is a must watch for anyone struggling with their Achilles at the moment

Climate Change

Get set for Plastic Free July: Boomer Eco Crusader
July is once again the focus of efforts to reduce our use of plastic across the world. To help us all to think about how we can do that, Boomer Eco Crusader has created a great calendar of ideas for things we can give up or stop using this month.

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